Best door stoppers in rich and bright colors – the essential home accessory that your doors will love

We have all been there and done that. When getting late, we rush through the door and it bangs against the wall, damaging the paint. Or imagine, you are trying to concentrate on your project and the study door keeps on banging, thereby disrupting your chain of thought. You can avoid all these awkward situations with our best door stoppers.

The role of doorstop in your home

We do not pay much attention to a doorstop but it is one of the most functional accessories in a home. It comes handy to block doors from banging or closing shut if there is a strong wind. Doorstops also prevent nasty mishaps like fingers getting stuck in the door frame. If you have kids at home, having proper doorstops will ensure their safety as they keep running around the house.

However, there is another role that a doorstop plays in your house – a home décor accessory. A doorstop can give a finishing touch to your home décor, heighten the appeal of the doors, or grab the attention of the visitors and make them appreciate your sense of style.

We present portable bag door stoppers in an exclusive design of the Thirties that will help you to keep doors open as long as you want while adding a charm to your room décor.

Velvet fabric bag doorstops in different colors – the accessory your doors deserve

We offer portable bag doorstops that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are convenient, useful, and give a character to the rooms.

  • The unique bag design of the doorstops will attract you and make others applause your choice. These bags are made of polyester and filled with sand. They weigh around 1 kg, enough to hold a door open.
  • We have attached a sturdy loop with the bags so that you can keep them hanging from the doorknob when not in use. Portability increases the functionality of the bag doorstops as you can move them around or hang them from the door, when necessary.
  • The doorstops are ideal for hard floors and carpets. They are perfect to keep interior doors open when you are moving around or if there is a strong wind that bangs the doors. When your kids are playing and moving in and out of the rooms, use our best door stoppers to make their playtime unhindered and safe.
  • The bag doorstops are perfect for all your rooms. Be it your bedroom or kids’ room or any small area like the bathroom, you can keep this doorstop for your convenience. They are available in bright and rich colors like gold, turquoise blue, dark gray, and dark green. The golden tassel increases their appeal. So, choose the color that will gel with your home décor or accentuate the color of the doors. Use the doorstops as an essential accessory to balance the colors of your space and add a touch of elegance.
  • Are you looking for an interesting gift for your friends’ housewarming party or to celebrate their anniversary? Gift these decorative doorstops to celebrate birthdays or Christmas. Since they are useful and attractive, they make thoughtful gifts that the receivers will adore.

Doorstops come in different shapes and types. If you don’t like the fixed ones, try our portable doorstops. The unique design and colors make them an interesting addition to your home decoration. They are creative and will make your home look more attractive. With the rich and luxurious feel of velvet, they will give your home a warm feeling. Being moveable, you can keep them aside or hang them from the door as you dim fit.

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