Spring is the best time for a new home decor! -Newsletter March 2019

Good Morning and happy first day of March to you all! Spring is the time for a new home decor

We would like to start this newsletter by saying thank you to our Homdkor team who is working everyday to give you the best experience possible! Because it’s Employee appreciation day and because they deserve it! 

Celebrate women on March 8th!

International Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8th and, guys, it might be the good day to finally do all chores on that list she gave you 6 months ago!

And for all of you single ladies out there it’s time for renewal, time for a new home decor!

Do you crave new curtains? a pretty door mat? Go ahead, treat yourself, throw away your grand-ma’s curtains ( Let the record show that we love all grand-mothers!), because Homdkor is here now to make your house look exactly like you imagined it!

Check out our selection of curtains and door mats for International Women’s day!


Saint Patrick home decor

For Saint Patrick’s day there is beer, clover and leprechauns. But that’s kind of cliche!

At Homdkor we tried to find a way for you to have the feeling of the Irish spirit around, without the cliche. So you can go out and enjoy that beer, and get home to a new home decor, green but subtle!

We have selected green items that are just right for your house, and that you can rock all year round. Check it out!

Spring is back!

Last but not least, Spring is finally coming back!!

And as we all know, Spring is the time for you to clean up your house, let go of the past, and watch flowers bloom in your backyard! Therefore, Spring is the best time for a new home decor!

Put flowers and butterflies on your curtains with our decorative curtain magnets.

And if you want to go all out with flowers, we have curtain rods, or beaded curtains that you will go crazy for!


And don’t forget, at Homdkor, shipping is always free all over the US! 

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