4 Reasons you should choose the right doormat

It’s the first impression that counts

Your door mat, is the very first thing your guest will step on when they enter the room!
Do you want them to feel welcome and at home? the answer is obviously yes (if the answer is no, we can’t do anything for you!).
Spice things up and give your guests a good first impression with our collection of stylish door mats!

It says a lot about you

A door mat is the first step into your home, your home is the biggest picture of your personality, therefore, your door mat says a lot about you!

It tells everyone: your guests, your delivery guy, people passing by, if your home is cosy and filled with love, or cold with no personality and no pictures on the wall.
Choosing the right door mat for you could be a struggle! But at HomDkor we have exactly what you need!

It adds some fun

What is the perfect way to add some humor and fun right at the entry to your home? A door mat of course!
Colors or play on words, even a different language are the way to go when it comes to fun!

It sets the mood

Would you rather get home to a sad door mat, or one that welcomes you with joy, love or playfulness?
Wouldn’t it feel good to get home and be welcomed by a joyful doormat?

When someone comes to your door, they will appreciate a nice welcoming door mat!

Shop the Homdkor collection of door mats  and feel the warmth and comfort of your home starting at your door!

And don’t forget, at Homdkor you always have free shipping all over the US!

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